Site of interest

Progeo, Research and Technology for Nutrition
Leader Firm in the field of research and the development of software applied to the science of nutrition.. 

Progeo® international web site
The site presents Nutrigeo® Daily Menu and Nutrigeo® Multiple Choiche software: these are programs which process Mediterranean type diets based on validated scientific principles and according to the guidelines provided by the most reliable International Institutes of Research. In this way the Mediterranean diet is not only a valid eating style but it becomes an innovative scientific instrument for treating obesity and all other pathological conditions that benefit from diet therapy. 

EUFIC, European Food Information Council 
European Food Information Council is a European organization which has its headquarters in Brussels and supplies consumers with information about the nutritional quality and the safety of the various foods.. 

American Dietetic Assosiation 
American Dietetic Association is the largest American organization of nutrition, it promotes a balanced alimentation, health and wellbein.

U.S Food and Drug Administration
This is an American government agency that regulates the marketing of medicines and foods..

Linus Pauling Institute 
The site of this research institute is concerned with the functions and the roles of the micronutrients and phytotherapeutics for the treatment and maintenance of the state of health. The most important areas of research are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, anti-aging, neurovegetative diseases.

Dr. Rath research Institute 
This is a site of an institute engaged at the fore front of cellular medicine research and in the micronutrients-health relations. 
This is a site which is engaged in innovations in the field of software applied to the science of micronutrition realized by the Progeo research center.

American Society for Nutritional Sciences 
This is the site of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences.

Massachusetts University 
This is the site of the department of nutrition of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences of the University of Massachusetts.