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A made to measure program for each nutritionist

A made to measure program for each nutritionist

Many nutritionists need to work with a food therapy program that is both in line with their professional, cultural and ideological identity, especially if they have undergone previous experiences using tools or software that posed limitations and compelled them to make unwanted choices.

In the designing and development of Nutrigeo® daily menu version, Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version and Cartella Elettronica, this aspect has been placed in the foreground, realizing a technology that does not pose any limitations to the free expression of the user's professionalism. A series of new and exclusive functions allow today's nutritionist to feel himself to be the "co-author" of the program and differentiate his own processes according to his acquired experience.

Some of the main functions of the personalization in Nutrigeo® daily menu version and in Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version are illustrated below.

Nutrigeo® daily menu version

- Personalization of the seasonal nature of the foods
and of the "on request" function.
The user can modify the basic formulations in order to render the foods available in different periods from the ones pre-established; by means of the "on request" function, you can enable or disable certain foods, creating a highly personalized archive with which you wish to work.

- Personalization of the quantities
The user can choose to assign the basic quantities of some categories (meat, fish, vegetables, pulses, fruit) in the diet or quantities corresponding to one of the various levels available.

- Personalization of the associations
The user can select positive or negative relations between foods belonging to the same meal or to different meals, or rather he can choose foods to be combined in the same meal or in different meals, or else he can select foods which he doesn't want to be assigned in the same meal or in different meals.

The possibility of each plan requested will be analysed by the software according to the patient's physiopathological state and according to the variety of the diet. The relations set can be saved in order to be utilized at a later date.

Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version

- Profile personalization:
The user can work on the archive of the foods rendering them available/unavailable and creating, in this way, some groups which he retains appropriate for working with. The profiles pre-set in this way can, if necessary, be modified.