Scientific focus

Classical nutritional therapy and transdiagnostic therapy

Classical nutritional therapy and transdiagnostic therapy

Our Food Therapy software carries out its therapeutic capacity by working on the specific assigning of the energy supplies and the individual nutrients, on an appropriate and automatic selection of the foods and on the calculation of the best quantity to be assigned for each one of them.

The selectable pathologies in the archive of our programs are the same as those reported in the most updated ones treated by clinical nutrition.

This means that both our team of researchers as well as the authors of these publications agree in treating those clinical conditions which, according to the most reliable scientific studies, can definitely gain advantages from a diet treatment.

As well as the possibility of selecting the pathologies and formulating the therapeutic plan, our software also allows you to adopt another highly innovative procedure: the transdiagnostic therapy.

This technique consists in being able to select one or more treatments (low salt diet, with a high potassium content, with a high zinc content, with a high fibre content…) and is used by the nutritionist to formulate personalized nutritional plans for the various physiopathological states: in the same way that the association of the letters of the alphabet allows the coining of words, the association of the various treatments leads to the development of many thousands of therapeutic nutritional profiles.