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Daily menu diet or multiple choice diet?

Daily menu diet or multiple choice diet?

There are nutritionists who work by processing daily menu diets and others who propose multiple choice diets to their patients.

There are firms that produce software for processing daily menu diets and those which develop multiple choice diet programs.

The type of therapy applied derives from the convictions of each professional individual and the adopting of one technique, generally excludes the utilization of the other.

This subdivision, more than being ideological, poses in fact a limitation for resolving the problems of the person who turns to a nutritionist.

If, in fact, we take a close-up of the patient with his or her physical and psychological needs, we shall quickly realize that some patients gain greater benefits with a daily menu diet while others adapt better to a multiple choice diet.

With the aim of improving the patient's "compliance", in some cases it is effective to choose a treatment that utilizes both types of diet according to the specific moment of the therapy.

The daily menu diet represents a basis for nutritional therapy with a specific assigning of calories. By means of an absolutely precise program like Nutrigeo® daily menu version you can obtain a true and exact metabolic readjustment with results that cannot be achieved using other therapeutic methods.

The daily menu diet is appreciated by a large percentage of people being that it clearly indicates, day by day, a pre-established eating plan.

There are, however, cases that profit by multiple choice diets: maintenance diets, post-maintenance guide lines, patients who have little time for procuring the food, cases of marked eating disorders, cases that involve having to achieve a weight loss of just a few kilos, diets for children and teenagers.

The daily menu diet and the multiple choice one, as pointed out above, are two aspects of the dietetic treatment; ignoring one would have a negative influence on the therapeutic potentiality.

Progeo has completely understood this problem and from the beginning has committed itself to developing both techniques: Nutrigeo® daily menu version for daily menu diets and Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version for guided choice diets.

Today, with the development of the new versions, there is complete working synergy between the Nutrigeo® daily menu version and Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold programs and with Cartella Elettronica, in fact they can be considered three parts of the same program.

The advantages for the nutritionist are enormous because, having a software at his disposal that allows the processing of both types of diets, means he can choose according to the patient he has to treat, whether to use one type or the other, or he can adapt a type of diet at each phase of the therapy.

Considering the importance of this new therapeutic formulation, also the marketing plan has been developed according to the nutritionist's principal needs, consequently the whole packet made up of Nutrigeo® daily menu version, Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold and Cartella Elettronica is offered at the price of 99 euros.

Each copy of Nutrigeo® daily menu version or Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version has a very competitive cost which also includes technical assistance, nutritional assistance and updating.