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Diet Food Codes or "recipes"?

Diet Food Codes or "recipes"?


Our programs supply the patient, by means of the special Diet Food Codes (DFC) in Nutrigeo® daily menu version and by means of the Educational in Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version, some indispensable explanations and advice as regards to the choice, the conservation and, in some cases, the preparation of the various foods assigned.

In the DFCs there are also present, when requested, specific indications for possible selected pathologies.

This system efficaciously completes the nutritionist's work and renders the patient aware of being followed during every step of the therapy.

The DFCs and the Educational are very different from a simple concept of a "recipe", which is a written guide for cooks to help them prepare dishes, which are usually complicated, hard work and take lengthy preparation times.

In the diet treatment, on the other hand, the concept of a "simple menu" is fundamental for optimizing the patient's "compliance" with regard to the diet.

The menus offered in the diet processed with our programs, although being complete and satisfying, are intuitive, easy to prepare and also meet the needs of the person who has little time at his or her disposal.