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Diet prescription and alimentary education

Diet prescription and alimentary education

Progeo has known how to combine the high precision of the diet prescription with the alimentary education, demonstrating how the idea, which was widespread until not too long ago among the nutritionists, that a program could furnish an alimentary education only by means of generic and approximate prescriptions, was unfounded.

Our software utilizes different instruments to guarantee this aspect:

•  In Nutrigeo® daily menu version the alimentary education is carried out by means of : theDFCs which supply diet information regarding the choice, the preservation and the preparation of the foods; the Meals/Free dayswith which the patient is given the opportunity of self-management, thanks to precise indications.

•  In Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version the alimentary education is carried out by means of the:Guided choice diet, this type of formulation offers the patient the opportunity of choosing the foods that make up the eating plan, respecting the calculated quantities. The patient learns, in this way, to manage his own alimentation, choosing each time the menu from within the food groups that are equivalent from a nutritional point of view. The Educational is composed of a series of texts and furnishes the patient with those notions of nutritional knowledge that are useful for avoiding making errors that could jeopardize reaching and maintaining the targeted result.

Progeo, moreover, has developed Terapia Cognitiva, which is a specific program for the analysis and the treatment of eating disorders, utilizing a series of functions:

- Investigating the lack of sticking to the food plan: this function, by means of a series of questions proposed in video, allows the carrying out of an investigation regarding any possible tampering with the food plan, pointing out the infringements and contributory factors that may have influenced the result of the treatment. Such information is memorized during the various check-ups in order to monitor its progress in time. The analysis is backed up by an archive of 350 photographs which allow determining with greater precision, the extent, the typology and the frequency of the transgressions.

- Analysis of the motivations: once the motivation behind the diet has been individualized, the patient is shown a scale of 10 points, with which to indicate his or her own level of motivation; the result of this enquiry, repeated at each check-up, allows the nutritionist to develop a progress chart that will reveal any possible increase or decrease in the motivation and will offer an important opportunity for psychological investigation.

- Analysis of eating disorders: this function allows the assessing of the behaviours and typical affirmations that show any possible difficulties on the part of the patient in following the food plan and the outlining of the specific disorder of the eating behaviour that is concerned. In the field of this analysis texts of investigation for the doctor can be viewed and documents to be consigned to the patient can be printed, with the aim of making him or her aware of the problem taking place. The texts are enhanced by highly communicative illustrations whose protagonist is "ARTISTICO", an imaginative cartoon character, conceived and realized by PROGEO ®.