Scientific focus

Easy to follow diets

Easy to follow diets

The incessant research work carried out by Progeo® in the dietetics field has focussed much of its attention on improving the patient’s compliance regarding the diet.

Today the food archive of our diet therapy software boasts several menus that need a minimum preparation time and are easy to carry out.

Linking these menus to specific effective options and guaranteeing nutritional integrity, assure excellent results in terms of compliance.

After having assessed the patient’s special needs, the time he/she has available for both preparing as well as eating the meals, the type of place where he/she spends mealtimes, you will be able to choose from snacks, various types of salads, vegetable snacks, cold pasta dishes and other solutions that meet particularly busy lifestyles.

These innovative proposals come from years of research and experience, not only in the Italian regions but also in European and North American cities as well as the Australian city of Perth.

It emerges that these solutions are particularly advantageous and adaptable, according to the availability of the food items in the area where the user works, for any kind of situation.