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From the complexity of clinical nutrition to the simplicity of its application

From the complexity of clinical nutrition to the simplicity of its application

Our programs have been designed to provide the nutritionist with all the tools necessary for treating any type of patient, from a child to an elderly person, to a pregnant woman or a woman who is breast-feeding, for any kind of sport carried out, for any physiopathological state, for any type of food allergy or intolerance...

Our software therefore, has dimensions and functions in line with this need of completeness and at the same time guarantees simplicity and intuitiveness in the activation of the various functions, thanks to the new data-processing technology utilized; a complex reality like nutrition can, in this way, be finally managed in a simple manner.

The structure of the programs is based on an operative platform, Cartella Elettronica, for the management of all the data relevant to the patient and allows you to have, in real time, all the information relevant to the patient's physiopathological state, reducing in this way the time needed for consulting obsolete paper documents.

The food therapy software operates on the basis of this platform, without having to reinsert the patient's data which is automatically imported from one program to the other and utilized for the processing of the diet.

The adoption of new and more updated technology, allows the user, if he retains necessary, to send the diet by means of electronic post, avoiding the printing and binding operation.

The beginner who has no experience in the field of nutrition may remain perplexed by the completeness of our programs and confuse it with "complexity", however it really takes only a few hours of work to learn how to use and just a few days to attain an optimal performance.

The functions available are many, but the user needs to activate only the ones he considers as being necessary with regard to the patient typology that he finds himself having to deal with from time to time; the most fitting example is that of the pharmacy that needs to have all the medicines at its disposal in order to meet the patients possible needs, but it is not necessary to give each person all the medicines.