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On-line operativeness

On-line operativeness

The Nutrigeo® daily menu version, Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold and Cartella Elettronica programs can be utilized on-line in a "transparent" way, without the need of activating any special procedures.

It is possible to divide the data between several positions connected on-line LAN or WAN, independently of the operative system installed on the different computers.

The software, moreover, is capable of resolving, immediately and automatically, any possible conflicts deriving from contemporaneous access of more than one user and guaranteeing the entirety of the data by means of periodic copies of the archives. This function, which is indispensable for those professional people who work on different positions, is important also for those who use a single computer as it guarantees the quality of the data processing.

In recent years the on-line work has contributed to the development and perfection of our data processing system.