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Our nutritional Data bank

Our nutritional Data bank

Our food therapy programs utilize an extremely complete nutritional data bank of whose main sources are the National Institute of Nutrition and the European Institute of Oncology; for the data that is not provided for by these sources, we have turned to the Food Composition Tables of the German Institute of Bromatological Research of Garching and to the data supplied by the American Department of Agriculture.

The nutrients of which complete and certain data is available have been inserted in the archive while bromatological fields of which only partial data is available have not been taken into account.

The items found in Progeo's nutritional data bank are, in conclusion, the same as those reported by the most important international sources and special functions lead to an accurate analysis.

- at the end of each processing it is possible, for example, to know the average daily supply of each bromatological field with the daily supply recommended by the LARN or by the RDA, U.S.A., calculated according to the sex and the age.

- As well as the average daily calculation of the various nutrients, it is possible to view the bromatological fields relevant to the individual diet days.

- It is also possible to arrange the foods belonging to each category according to the content of a determined nutrient, or carry out an analysis chart which will allow you to examine the content of the selected nutrient in the various categories.