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Progeo and the new health entrepreneurs

Progeo and the new health entrepreneurs

The importance of alimentation not only for aesthetic reasons but above all for the physical wellbeing, for the cure and the prevention of the principal metabolic pathologies has by now become a concept of common knowledge, thanks also to the campaign to awaken public opinion being carried out by the media; this aspect, although noble, has however founded a market of therapeutic proposals that are not always professional.

The users who have chosen our programs have understood the importance of being different from the masses of those who propose diets that are "hand made" or with approximate programs or based on the use of drugs...

Having an avant-garde technology at one's disposal, capable of carrying out rapid and precise calculations, of guiding the nutritionist in dealing with any type of pathological state or need of the patient, with personalized food plans and devoid of side effects, renders the professionals who adopt the Progeo software "health entrepreneurs".

Progeo is able to satisfy the needs of the most experienced and demanding nutritionist as well as sustaining those who venture for the first time in this sector.

The portal is at the disposal of our users only, with scientific in-depth studies and guidance on the use of the programs and on the best techniques for dealing with everyday work; and, moreover, a friendly and efficient telephonic assistance service is available that is manned by experts in the field of nutrition.

Progeo's philosophy is that of working "alongside" the nutritionist with a mutual exchange of suggestions and proposals.

It is immensely gratifying for us to be able to ascertain that those who choose our program to start up their own activity, rapidly achieve professional success, because we feel with satisfaction to have contributed to this result.