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Programs in the English language

Programs in the English language

The Nutrigeo® daily menu version, Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold and Cartella Elettronica programs are available both in the Italian language as well as in English.

Faced with an Italian reality which is on its way to becoming more and more a multiethnic society, it is important today to have a software that processes diets in different languages.

The translation in English, moreover, offers the possibility of a testing on an international level and guarantees the enrichment and the evolution which is born by the encounter of different schools of thought concerning dietetics.

The translation of our programs is the fruit of the work carried out by a team composed of mother tongue English and American teachers and nutritionists who collaborate with Progeo. At the same time as this translation work, the archive was extended with international foods which further facilitated the testing of the software in various foreign countries.