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The distribution of the meals

The distribution of the meals

One of the basic procedures in processing a food plan is dividing the diet up into different meals, which requires an analysis of the physiopathological state, the lifestyle and the time the patient has at his or her disposal.

Our software offers the possibility of personalizing the diet plan as much as possible also from this point of view.

The nutritionist, after having formulated the breakfast and the main meals, can, in fact, assign foods in the space of a day, without limiting the consuming of the foods to certain precise times or he can select one or more secondary meals, such as mid-morning snack, brunch, afternoon snack, evening snack.

The function that allows assigning foods “in the space of a day”, which is, moreover, exclusive to our software, is fundamental for the patient who learns, in this way, to manage a part of what has been prescribed in the diet.

Bread and the main condiments, such as oil for example, can also be introduced “in the space of a day”, or, by activating a special function, they can be subdivided between the lunch and the dinner.

Our programs guarantee, in this way, a high degree of personalization of the diet, an optimization of the patient’s “compliance” and the therapeutic effectiveness.

The above mentioned functions allow a particular curative effectiveness regarding many metabolic illnesses, in first place diabetes.