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The significance and the role of the “support kit”

The significance and the role of the "support kit"

Beside the Cartella Elettronica, Nutrigeo® daily menu version and Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold triad, Progeo has realized Photo Intake, Terapia Cognitiva and Body in Progress, some programs that constitute a true and proper "support kit".

Photo Intake is a program which allows you to estimate the patient's eating habits in the period preceding the diet treatment; by means of a rapid and precise investigation, it evaluates the daily energy supplies relevant to the macro- and micronutrients

Terapia Cognitiva is a technique dedicated to the psychological follow-up of the patient undergoing nutritional therapy, to the study and to the solution of the eating disorder.

Body in progress is a modern software which allows prescribing physical activity plans that are personalized according to the type of patient you are treating.

Considering that alimentation is tightly linked to other aspects of a person's life, it is important for the nutritionist to have the suitable instruments for managing the most important moments of the nutritional treatment and to have the most complete possible vision of the patient he has to treat. As well as the operative usefulness, the support programs increase the quality level of the treatment received by the patient, with the consequence of increasing the trust and the "compliance". Our users will be able to purchase the above mentioned programs with extremely advantageous conditions.