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The sports diet

The sports diet

Thanks to its advanced calculating system and the different options of the Sport and differentiated Physical activity functions, the Nutrigeo® daily menu version software is the most suitable instrument for processing personalized diets for sportsmen, both at an amateur as well as competitive level.

These functions in their turn offer a series of options which together will allow the treating of a multitude of situations.

It is possible to assign differentiated energy supplies on the various days of the week according to the type of discipline being carried out. A complete data bank allows the accurate calculation of the energy consumed for each sports activity, according to the time dedicated to it and the athlete’s weight, sex and age.

Another option, on the other hand, allows you to autonomously fix the energy supplies day by day, in other words the user personalizes the technique defining the athlete’s energy needs.

The sports diet, for the users who consider it appropriate, can be enriched by the addition of supplements, which can be selected from within an archive created and managed by the user himself.

If one or more supplements are assigned and the software is instructed to include them in the calculation, then the food items and their relevant quantities will be calculated taking into account the energy supplies of the product/s.

In the final printout it will be possible to visualize the effect of the supplement’s supplies on the whole of the diet.