Scientific focus

The treatment of allergies and food intolerances

The treatment of allergies and food intolerances: classical method and transdiagnostic therapy

Nutrigeo® daily menu version and Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold utilize unprecedented functions for the treatment of allergies and food intolerances.

The user can select a specific allergy or intolerance, activating in this way, a series of exclusions that are automatically carried out by the software, or he can exclude from the printout one or more foods to which the patient is allergic or intolerant. In the case of allergies, at the moment in which a food is selected, the software will propose the possibility of excluding all the ones that belong to the same cross-reactive family.

These functions allow the user to tackle even complex cases of food allergies or intolerances and, thanks to the presence of a complete food archive and to a specific function that optimises the variety, diets can be processed that are complete and well balanced from a nutritional point of view, even in the cases of concomitance of more allergies or intolerances.