Scientific focus

Unitary and not modular structure

Unitary and not modular structure

The scientific and technological development of Progeo has always been based on the unitary idea of the human organism and on the fact that the food therapy program must represent an instrument of treatment.

The performances of our programs depend on the functional relations between all the elements of which they are composed.

Progeo does not develop fractionalized modules or blocks assembled according to commercial standards, which would represent a lack of operative unity and, for the user, a difficulty in utilizing the program, due to the impossibility of dealing with complex physiopathological states, with the consequent reduction of the "compliance" on the part of the patient.

The unitary and synchronized set-up of Nutrigeo® daily menu version, Nutrigeo® multi-choice menu version Gold and Cartella Elettronica, is a sign of their quality and high performance.