Calculate the profile

Calculate the profile is a simple, agreeable program, which is particularly useful for getting to know the reality of the Ecleo® and Nutrifasi Gold® food therapy software.

It functions in the following way: select the sentences that identify a patient and short paragraphs will appear each time for you to read, regarding the exclusive functions of the programs that best meet the personalization of the diet.

The doctor who wishes to start a therapy that maintains the same effectiveness during the whole course as far as the maintenance of the results, will understand that the personalization of the diet, attainable by means of the Ecleo® and Nutrifasi Gold® software, is a fundamental prerogative with regard to favouring the patient's compliance.

Diet daily menu

Draw up a daily diet menu, tailored to the methodological choices of the nutritionist and the patient's needs in order to achieve maximum compliance.

Diet multiple choice

Processes diet plans consist of lists of foods equivalent from a nutritional standpoint, allowing the patient to independently compose the various menus.

Carries out the same working activity everyday of the week

Select the heading desired from the archive (bedridden, limited mobility, light, moderate, heavy) and the software will take this information into consideration during the processing for defining the energy supplies.

Has special physiologies

In the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding personalized diets will be processed taking into consideration also, in the first case, the months of gestation and the possible reduction of physical activity, and in the second case, the months of breastfeeding and if necessary the type of weaning.

Carries out different physical activities during the various days of the week

In the case in which the physical, sports or working activity alternate on the various days, by activating the Levels of daily orweekly physical activity function you can indicate the variation; consequently energy supplies that take such information into consideration will be proposed.

Does some kind of sport

In the case in which the physical, sports or working activity alternate on the various days, by activating the Levels of daily orweekly physical activity function you can indicate the variation; consequently energy supplies that take such information into consideration will be proposed.

Has pathologies

The extensive archive of pathologies allows you to process personalized diets for any state or condition which, according to the modern science of nutrition, will benefit from a diet treatment; all the foods not recommended for the specific case will be automatically excluded from the processing while the most suitable energy supplies will be proposed and you will attain the personalization of the quantities of the assigned foods ( by means of "reductions" or "increases").

Has borderline pathologies

It is possible to define the level of the pathology distinguishing between a slighter degree (level 1), which carries out a certain number of exclusions in the food archive, and a more serious degree (level 2) that extends the exclusion to a greater number of foods.

Has food allergies

You can select both single foods to which the patient is allergic, and if necessary the relative family of cross- reactivity, as well as the treatment (Ex: Allergy to fish, Allergy to cow's milk protein,.) which automatically excludes all the foods or the components relevant to it.

Has food intolerances

You can choose from the manual selection of foods the cause of the intolerance and the treatment (Ex: Intolerance to lactose, Intolerance to non specified addictives,.) that will exclude all the foods relevant to it from the processing.

Works night shifts

You can process an eating plan that provides a night snack, or foods in the space of the day that the patient consumes according to his or her own time needs.

Works shifts that change from one week to another

In the case where the patient has work shifts that alternate covering different time slots, you can process two or more diets in a quick and simple manner by importing all the data from one process to another and carrying out the modifications necessary to adapt the food plan as much as possible to the patient's needs.

Regularly has lunch/dinner away from home

If the patient regularly has lunch or dinner away from home but he has the possibility of taking the food with him, you can assign a snack, large salad and very practical meals that require very little time to prepare but at the same time are appetizing and particularly satisfying.

Is used to having more meals during the day or would benefit from a fractionalized diet

If the patient, due to his/her physiopathological state or his/her lifestyle, needs a fractionalized diet, it is possible to assign, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, other secondary meals such as a mid-morning snack, an afternoon snack, an evening snack and foods during the space of a day.

Follows a vegetarian, vegan or other type of eating style

You can draw up a profile according to the eating style that the patient prefers by selecting the categories or the foods that you wish to use in the processing.

Has particular tastes that lead to him or her excluding certain foods while preferring others

The Print food format function allows you to print a list of foods that are potentially assignable in the diet, from which the patient will be able to indicate the ones he/she doesn't like and the ones he/she, on the other hand, would like to consume more frequently; once the page is compiled, the program, by means of the Food exclusions and Food preferences functions, will allow you to process a food plan in line with the patient's tastes.

Is abroad and finds foods available in different periods to the ones imposed by the local seasonality

The seasonal control with which the foods are assigned can be modified, by means of the Seasonableness function, so that one can take advantage also of those foods which in a certain period would be considered out of season.

Is not the only member of the family following the diet

By means of the Family diet function, you can combine the diet food choices for two or more people belonging to the same family unit.

Has eating disorders

It is particularly useful in these cases to prescribe, by means of a special function, some food alternatives and, moreover, by means of the Free meals/days option, some lunches/dinners or days which the patient has to manage him/herself on the basis of the other diet meals/daysa.

Fears the monotony encountered in other diet experiences

Thanks to the function that optimizes the variety of the diet, the processing is carried out so that the choice and the distribution of the foods are extremely well-balanced.
Both thanks to the automatic calculation of the breakfast as well as the manual insertion, it is possible to differentiate the assigning of the foods on the various days in order to satisfy, in terms of variety, even the most demanding patient.
The Diet Updating is another example of a function which allows you to avoid the monotony risk, in that it allows you to update the diet at each check-up examination, assigning some alternatives to the foods.

Has little time for preparing meals

The two levels of the option Fast Diet exclude, in a minor way the first and in a more prominent way the second, all the foods that require lengthy and difficult preparations.
The Visual weight function provides two levels (the basic and the extended) and, by means of assigning the foods in alternative units of measurement, the time dedicated to their quantification and preparation is reduced.

Desires particular food associations

The food correlation allows you to combine or exclude one food as regards to another, in the same meal or in different meals; the correlation can be standard or specific for the patient in question.

Needs the use of supplements

Any kind of supplement and its bromatological composition can be entered in a special archive and be assigned and considered in the calculation of the diet; in the final focuses you will see the influence of the supplement, for a determined nutrient, with regard to the supply due to the diet.

Asks questions regarding the time needed to achieve the result

On the special screen dedicated to the energy supplies and the calculated values (difference from the TDEE, difference from the basal metabolism,.), once the desirable weight has been entered the estimated time for reaching the target will be indicated.

Asks how he/she must act with the weights of the food and if he/she should consume all that has been assigned in the diet

Among the Sections that make up the final processing and which can be included in the printout, there are the Behaviouralrules and the General rules which include a series of useful ideas and information for the patient, both regarding the importance of changing eating habits as well as practical advise regarding the cooking methods, frozen foods, the use of herbs and spices, water consumption, the weight of the foods.

Needs to see verifications of the diet in printed document form

The Trends function of the Cartella Elettronica program, which represents the basic platform for the food therapy software, allows you to print and show the patient the graph reports concerning the weight, anthropometrical and cardiovascular variations and also the trend of the clinical analyses, if necessarily recorded during the course of the therapy.

Needs to be guided in the choice, preservation and preparation of the foods

Among the printing functions there is the possibility of including the Diet Food Codes (D.F.C.) in the final printout. These provide useful indications and practical advice regarding the availability, home preservation and the preparation of each food.

Is too far from the medical practice where his/her diet will be issued

In whichever place or city that the patient may be, he/she will be able to conveniently receive the diet by e-mail.

Has suffered an amputation

In this case, after activating the Physical integrity function, you indicate the part of the body that has undergone the amputation, then the basal metabolism and the ideal weight will be calculated according to this information.